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Defensive Driving Info

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Terms & Conditions

Defensive Driving

Payments & Attendance

All services must be pre-paid before services will be rendered.  Cancellations and No Shows for the Defensive Driving classes will not be refunded.  The purchaser has up to three months to reschedule a class with us. After this time, the purchaser will lose all payments for the class.


Packages and Lessons:

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Deposits & Refunds

For Your Convenience, your appointment may be reserved on our schedule in advance for a deposit of $100.00.  All remaining fees for your requested service(s) are due to be paid in full before services begin.  Discontinuance of paid services requested (partially paid or fully paid) more than 48 hours before services begin, will receive 100% refund.  Discontinuance of paid services requested (partial or fully paid) less than 48 hours before services begin will be subject to lose 15% of purchase; including 8.25% (NYS tax fee) if applicable.  Discontinuance of services after services have already started will receive a gift certificate that can be spent on any Defensive Driving, Pre-License, CDL, online class, Driving Lesson or Road Test service until the credit has been exhausted.  


IF you agree to terms please click arrow to continue.  By clicking arrow you are acknowledging the terms and condictions of Cross County Safety Education and will abide thereby accordingly.

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