New Driver Start Up Programs


Parent or Guardian Consent

Each Student Will Be Mailed A Welcome Packet to the Address That Is Indicated In the Online PayPal Payment Option.The Forms Will Have To Be Received Before The Student Can Participate In the New Drivers Start Up Class.

Reservations & Rescheduling

All services must be pre-paid before services are rendered. Lessons and classes can be reserved on our schedule.  Lessons or classes that are rescheduled 24 hours or more from the reserved time will be honored without penalty.  After 2 incidents of rescheduling a lesson or class late (< 24 hours), the student will have to request services on a 1st come / 1st served daily basis.  He or she will not be permitted to reserve time on our schedule. If a purchaser decides to delay rescheduling a pre-paid class or lesson, he or she must do so within 30 days from the date that the service(s)was originally rescheduled.  The service provider will make 2 attempts within the 30 days to re-schedule the missed service; after which holds no burden to reschedule with the purchaser. 

  If the service provider arrives at the agreed upon location that services are to occur, & the purchaser is not present, the purchaser loses that day of service(s).


Discontinuance of paid services requested more than 48 hours before services begin, will receive 100% refund.  Discontinuance of paid services requested less than 48 hours will be subject to lose 15% of purchase including 8.25% (which is NYS tax fee).  Discontinuance of services requested after services have already started will receive a gift certificate that can be spent on any Defensive Driving, Pre-License, CDL, online class, Driving Lesson or Road Test service until the credit has been exhausted.

If you are over 18 years of age, and agree to the terms and conditions above, you may proceed to make your pament.